Phone: (760) 247-8001

Superintendent's Office

Tom Hoegerman


ext. 1309

Shari Maloney

Management Assistant to the BOT/Supt.

ext. 1309

Kristin Hernandez

Public Information Officer

ext. 1451

Educational Services Team

Patrick Schlosser

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

ext. 1417

Anna Hoskie

Administrative Secretary III

ext. 1417

Patricia Shelby

Director, Child Welfare and Attendance

Homeless & Foster Youth Liaison

ext. 1328

Melissa Trevino

Administrative Secretary I

ext. 1328

Theda Smith

Director, Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

ext. 1331


Administrative Secretary I

ext. 1331

Heather Caffey

Administrative Clerk II

ext. 1332

Kathleen Ogbebor

Categorical Programs Specialist

ext. 1347

David Wheeler

Director, Student Services

ext. 1334

Marcy Wells

Administrative Secretary I

ext. 1334

Karrington Monroe

Administrative Clerk II

ext. 1346

Lyn Kern

Administrative Clerk II

ext. 1335

Mariana Torres

Director of English Language Development and College Readiness

ext. 1339

Brenda Abundez Tuthill

Program Assistant Biliterate

ext. 1317

Teachers On Assignment

Silvia Banuelos



Amber Burdi

Counselor, Foster Youth/At-Risk

ext. 1478

Jed Snell

TOA/Instructional Technology

ext. 1354

Kathy Spiel

TOA/K-2/New Teacher, Staff Development

ext. 1329

Brad Williams

TOA/Career & Technical Education

ext. 1427

Information Technology Department

Jason Buchanan

Director of Information Technology

John Williamson

Information Systems Technician

ext. 1405

Betty Moreno

Administrative Secretary I

ext. 1406

AVUSD Data Group

Gregory Taylor

District Network Database Supervisor

(760) 247-8001

ext. 483

Dana Beller

Student Information Coordinator

(760) 247-8001

ext. 481

Valarie McKinney

Student Information Technician

(760) 247-8001

ext. 1402

AVUSD State Preschool


Sue Rhoades

School Readiness and State Preschool

School Office Assistant

Reyna Martinez

Administrative Secretary I

Lisa Cannon

Safety and Risk Management

Colette Rozhon

Director, Risk Management

ext. 1407

Kilee Caudell

Admin Secretary I

ext. 1484

Human Resources

Trenae Nelson

Assistant Superintendent

Laura Nunes

Executive Assistant

ext. 1318

Cameron Smart

Director, Human Resources

ext. 1342

Katrina Hall

Human Resources Analyst (Certificated)

ext. 1366

Jamie Shores

Human Resources Analyst (Classified)

ext. 1341

Nicole Hover

Personnel Specialist (Certificated Subs)

ext. 1324

Rachelle Lobato

Personnel Specialist (Walk-On Coaches, Preschool)

ext. 1408

Denise Soto

Personnel Specialist (Classified)

ext. 1316

Pamela Sanchez

Personnel Specialist (Classified Subs)

ext. 1412


Lisa Vandegrift

Driver Instructor

ext. 310

Sandy Dillman

Director of Transportation

ext. 312

Wendy Schaper

Transportation Coordinator

ext. 327

Kim Asboth

Admin Clerk

ext. 312

Gary Maus

Vehicle Fleet Manager

ext. 311

Nutrition Services

Rose Stark

Director of Nutrition Services

Tricia Robello

Operations Manager

ext. 416

Zaira Canchola

Field Supervisor


Lolly Moreno

Office Staff

ext. 352

Yolanda Valdivia

Office Staff

ext. 336

Maintenance and Operations

Jim Hopper

Director of Maintenance and Operations

Clar Martin

Admin Secretary II

Phone 760-247-8001

ext. 323

Administrative Services

Matthew Schulenberg

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services

ext. 1358