Educational Services

Educational Services Team

Patrick Schlosser

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

ext. 20502

Anna Hoskie

Administrative Secretary III

ext. 20502

Patricia Shelby

Director, Child Welfare and Attendance

Homeless & Foster Youth Liaison

ext. 20511

Melissa Trevino

Administrative Secretary I

(Child Welfare & Attendance)

ext. 20512

Theda Smith

Director, Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

ext. 20521

Jessica David

Administrative Secretary I

(Curriculum & Instruction)

ext. 20522

Heather Caffey

Administrative Clerk II

ext. 20503

Kathleen Ogbebor

Categorical Programs Specialist

ext. 20523

David Wheeler

Director, Student Services

ext. 20551

Renee Castillo

Coordinator, Student Services

ext. 20552

Marcy Wells

Administrative Secretary I

(Student Services)

ext. 20553

Karrington Monroe

Student Services Specialist

(Student Services)

ext. 20555

Lyn Kern

Student Services Specialist

(Student Services)

ext. 20554

Mariana Torres

Director of English Language Development and College Readiness

ext. 20531

Brenda Abundez Tuthill

Program Assistant Biliterate

ext. 20533

Teachers On Assignment

Silvia Banuelos


ext. 20532

Amber Burdi

Counselor, Foster Youth/At-Risk

Jed Snell

TOA/Instructional Technology

ext. 20541

Kathy Spiel

TOA/K-2/New Teacher, Staff Development

ext. 20542

Brad Williams

TOA/Career & Technical Education

ext. 20543