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Parents Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry

Make an Immunization Appointment

Immunizations are available for students that are uninsured or are covered by Medi-Cal, IEHP or Molina through the Bright Futures program. To make an appointment call (760) 946-4240 or visit:

Bright Futures Mobile Health Services

Senate Bill 277

Under SB 277, exemptions based on personal beliefs will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into child care or school in California.  Most families will not be affected by the new law because their children have received all required vaccinations. Personal beliefs exemptions on file for a child already attending child care or school will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. 

For more information about school immunization requirements and resources, please visit the California Department of Public Health’s website or contact your Local Health Department or County Office of Education.

Assembly Bill 1840

Required vision appraisal for students.  

Assembly Bill 1840 

Healthcare for All Families

Health coverage and care are an important part of making sure children and youth succeed in school and life. As of May 16, 2016, health coverage through Medi-Cal is available to all undocumented children under 19 years old, whose families meet the income requirements. For example, all children in a family of four that has a monthly income of $5,387 will qualify for coverage. Visit All In For Healthcare for more information.

Download the ABCs of Health Coverage for ALL Kids flyer (English & Spanish in link).

Pertussis Assembly Bill 354

All 6th Grade students entering 7th Grade must have proof of a Tdap booster before entering school. Please submit proof of booster to your student's current school site. Any student who does not have the appropriate documentation will not be allowed to attend school per State Law. Contact your school site if you have any questions. 

Assembly Bill 354