Application Calendar

Summer before Senior Year:

  • If you are applying to a UC, start working on Personal Insight Questions. These are available on the UC Admissions website.

  • Start constructing a resume that can be used for scholarship applications or for those writing you letters of recommendation. Tips on writing a resume are available at


  • The UC Application opens August 1st, but cannot be submitted until November 1st, at the earliest.

  • The Common Application, used for most private colleges, open August 1st.

  • Take the SAT or ACT if required by your college of choice. Fee waivers are available, for those who qualify, through your counselor/career center.


  • California State University application opens. Applications for the CSU's may be submitted starting October 1st. and are due no later than November 30th. Launch your application at

  • California Community College Applications, ex. VVC, should be completed. Launch your application at


  • Applications for the UC's may be submitted beginning November 1st and are due no later than November 30th. Launch your application at

November to February:

  • Private College applications due dates vary typically from November to January. Check the individual websites for due dates. Most private colleges use the Common Application.

  • To qualify for scholarships and financial aid for private colleges, the CSS Profile must be completed, in addition to the FAFSA.


  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or Dream Act are due by March 2nd. Launch your application at

  • Admission letters are typically mailed to students in March.


  • Financial aid packages are sent out to students from colleges and universities.


  • The National Reply Date is May 1st. You must send in confirmation that you will be attending the university by this date. Be prepared to pay the housing deposit.

  • Waitlists remain active until the incoming class is full, but should not be used after August 1st. The offer of admissions should be a written letter or through electronic communication.

  • Keep grades up! Low grades could result in an admission letter being rescinded.


  • Order official high school transcript to be mailed to your college.

  • If you took courses at VVC, order an official transcript from them to be sent to your college.