High School Attendance Area Adjustment

Apple Valley Unified School District

High School Attendance Area Adjustment

Effective 2019/2020 School Year

The Apple Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees took action on a

recommendation by staff to adjust the High School Attendance Areas. This

adjustment will take affect with the 2019/2020 school year.

Summary of Process and Recommendation:

The Apple Valley Unified School District (AVUSD) has been experiencing a declining trend in enrollment since the 2006/2007 school year. The total district enrollment decreased from 15,059 to 12,985 during the 2016/17 school year. Contrary to this district wide trend, several schools remained impacted due to community and demographic shifts and trends. AVUSD contracted with a demographer to assist in analyzing attendance areas specific to Rio Vista School of Applied Learning and both Apple Valley High School and Granite Hills High School. The initial analysis and work centered on Rio Vista resulted in a program adjustment rather than an attendance area adjustment. Rio Vista transitioned to a Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth grade campus beginning with the 2017/2018 school year. Subsequent changes to school attendance areas may continue to be necessary as the community continues to shift and grow in the area near to and surrounding Rio Vista and Sitting Bull Academy. Granite Hills High School opened in 1999 with the current attendance area. The high school attendance areas were drawn at that time to accommodate the significant community growth that was projected for the north section of the Town of Apple Valley. The current high school attendance areas are shown in the document “Current HS Attendance Areas”. However, due to economic factors and the recent significant recession, the projected growth has never materialized. The resident and demographic shifts that have occurred over the years have now resulted in an imbalance of resident students in each of the high school attendance areas. The AVUSD Board of Trustees received an informational presentation on December 7, 2017. During that presentation, a proposed attendance area adjustment was presented to the Board of Trustees. That proposal is outlined in the document “December 2017 Board Presentation High School Attendance Areas”. This proposal involves transitioning eight study areas currently in the Apple Valley High School attendance area to the Granite Hills High School attendance area. A study area is a defined grid area established for the purpose of a demographic study. The smaller study areas allow the demographer and the district to analyze smaller areas of the community to facilitate any necessary adjustments.

The specific geographical areas that are part of the adjustment are described as follows:

Area 1:

This area is comprised of the area bordered by Yucca Loma Road on the south, Apple Valley Road on the east, Shoshonee Road on the north and the Mojave River on the west.

Area 2:

This area is comprised of the area bordered by Yucca Loma Road on the south, Highway 18 on the east, Flathead Road on the north and Seminole Road on the west.

Area 3:

This area is comprised of the area bordered by Nisqually Road on the south, Central Road on the east, Highway 18 on the north and Navajo Road on the west.

The proposed changes are illustrated in the document “Proposed HS Attendance Areas”. On February 5, 2018, a meeting was held to discuss the proposed high school attendance area adjustments with the families that would be affected. An informational presentation was provided to those in attendance, as outlined in the document “February 2018 HS Attendance Areas Parent Meeting”. During that meeting, the attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and make suggestions regarding the proposed transition.

The input from the attendees follows:

  • Do not move any current students
  • Keep siblings together
  • Intra-District permit timeline concern
  • Home purchased based on existing boundaries
  • GHHS needs to build program to attract students
  • Out of boundary students on campuses: District needs to verify addresses
  • Allow transfer for specific program only

The AVUSD Board of Trustees received an informational presentation on March 7, 2018. This presentation provided information to the Board relative to the input gathered during the parent meeting on February 5th and also contained a staff recommendation for the Board to discuss. This presentation is contained in the document “March 2018 HS Attendance Area Board Update”.

The staff recommendation follows:

  • Transition the identified study areas from Apple Valley HS to Granite Hills HS
  • Phased implementation beginning in August 2019
    • Fall 2019: 9th graders
    • Fall 2020: 9th and 10th graders
    • Fall 2021: 9th through 11th graders
    • Fall 2022: Full implementation
  • Current HS students remain at school of current enrollment
  • Siblings enrolled concurrently in high school remain together

The AVUSD Board of Trustees considered this recommendation for action and approved the High School Boundary Adjustment as presented during the regularly scheduled Board meeting on April 12, 2018.