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Vanguard Preparatory hosts Career Day

posted Oct 7, 2016, 1:31 PM by Kristin Hernandez   [ updated Oct 20, 2016, 11:49 AM ]
A CHP Helicopter lands at Vanguard Preparatory for Career Day.
Photo: A CHP Helicopter lands at Vanguard Preparatory for Middle School Career Day. 

On Oct. 7, Vanguard Preparatory School hosted Middle School Career Day. The event kicked-off with a CHP helicopter landing on the middle school athletic field at 7:45 a.m., followed by an assembly at 8 a.m led by motivational speaker Danny Batimana of Happiness is NOW.  After the high-energy assembly, students rotated through six 35-minute sessions, where they learned from professionals in a variety of career fields. Prior to the event, students each had the opportunity to select their speakers using an online scheduling tool.

Speakers included: 

  •       A Project Manager & Chemical Engineer from Mojave Air Quality Management District
  •       A Systems Engineer from J.P.L.
  •       A Mechanical Engineer from Liberty Utilities
  •       A special agent from the FBI
  •       A CHP Helicopter Pilot
  •       A Pilot and Mechanical Engineer from Soaring Academy
  •       A Professor of English Literature
  •       A Surgeon
  •       A Chief Video Gaming Officer from the University of California, Irvine
  •       The Assistant District Attorney from San Bernardino County
  •       Representatives from the U.S. Army Bomb Squad
  •       A Sheriff Deputy
  •       An Engineer and Astronomer from Thirty Meter Telescope
  •       A Firefighter
  •      A Disney Set Designer 
  •      Reporters from the Daily Press newspaper

Following the presentations, Vanguard treated each of the speakers to lunch, followed by a brief presentation of “thank you” certificates. 

Vanguard Preparatory School plans to follow up with College Day in December and High School Awareness Day in January. The “backwards” sequence of events allows students to first learn about careers, followed by what college education will help them achieve their career goals and what they can do in high school to prepare for college. 

Danny Batimana talks to the students at Vanguard Preparatory.
Danny Batimana addresses the students at Vanguard Preparatory. 

Students learn about the skills needed to be a pilot.
Students learn about the skills needed to be a pilot. 

A firetruck at Vanguard Preparatory School.
The Apple Valley Fire Department talks to students about the firefighting profession. 

Shea Johnson, Daily Press reporter, talks to students about the profession of journalism.
Shea Johnson, Daily Press reporter, talks to students about the day in the life of a newspaper reporter.