Educational Services
The goal of the Educational Services Division is to support the schools in their efforts to help students maximize learning.
Educational Services Team

We can be reached at (760) 247-8001, extensions are as follows

Patrick Schlosser
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Ext. 1417

Anna Hoskie
Administrative Secretary III
Ext. 1417

Patricia Shelby
Director, Child Welfare and Attendance
Ext. 1328

Melissa Trevino
Administrative Secretary I
Ext. 1328

Theda Smith
Director, Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Ext. 1331

Kilee Caudell
Administrative Secretary I
Ext. 1331

Kathleen Ogbebor
Categorical Programs Specialist
Ext. 1347

Brenda Abundez Tuthill
Program Assistant Biliterate
Ext. 1317

Heather Caffey
Administrative Clerk II
Ext. 1332

David Wheeler
Director, Student Services
Ext. 1334

Marcy Wells
Administrative Secretary I
Ext. 1334

Karrington Monroe
Administrative Clerk II
Ext. 1346

Lyn Kern
Administrative Clerk II
Ext. 1335
                     Teachers On Assignment (TOAs)           

Silvia Banuelos
Ext. 1339

Susan Bennis
TOA/Counselor, Foster Youth/At-Risk
Ext. 1478

Jed Snell
TOA/Instructional Technology
Ext. 1354

Kathy Spiel
TOA/K-2/New Teacher, Staff Development
Ext. 1329
Brad Williams
TOA/Career & Technical Education
Ext. 1427

Fax Numbers
Assistant Superintendent - (760) 247-8907
CWA/Curriculum - (760) 247-6548
Student Services - (760) 247-7063
TOA Office - (760) 240-7917
Transcripts- (760) 247-8907