By-trustee area elections

Apple Valley Unified School District ("District") is in the process of transitioning the method by which Governing Board members are elected.  Under the current "at-large" system, all registered voters in the District’s boundaries can vote for candidates for Board member seats.  Under the new proposed system, candidates will be elected by "trustee areas."  This means only voters within a given trustee area can vote for candidates who reside within that same area. 

The Board held public hearings on proposed trustee area boundaries (or maps) prior to asking the San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization to approve the change.  The third and final public hearing to receive community comments and public testimony concerning the composition of proposed trustee voting area plans was conducted on October 19, 2017. 

Following the public hearing, the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 1718-09 selecting Trustee Area Scenario Awith elections in Areas 2, 4, and 5 at its November 2018 election, as part of the District's transition to a "By-Trustee Area" election system; and, authorized submission of the final trustee area plan to the San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization for approval.

Information on the date of the San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization meeting will be announced when we receive the date from the County. If the Committee approves the change, "by-trustee" area voting would be held starting with the 2018 general election, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.