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AVUSD Transitioning to Common Core

Apple Valley Unified School District is transitioning from the 1997 California Standards to the California Common Core Standards.  California adopted the standards in August of 2012, with full implementation expected for the 2014-2015 school year.  California is a member of the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium, which is responsible for designing the assessments students will take.  The Common Core Standards were developed by representatives from participating states, a wide range of educators, content experts, researchers, national organizations, community groups, business leaders, teachers, the general public, and content experts who are familiar with the standards of high performing countries.  These standards were developed through an initiative of the National Governors Association and Chief School Officials and is not a Federal Government Initiative.  

The purpose of the Common Core movement is to ensure our students are academically prepared to compete on an international level.  The rigor of the standards is much higher due to the complexity.  Students will solve multi-step, higher level thinking problems. Students will be using multiple pieces of information to create a solution to a real world problem, bringing application of learning to the expectations.   Rigor is not more standards, but mastery of deep and complex understanding and application of the standard.

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking are at the foundation of the standards.  Students will be expected to collaborate with other students, communicate effectively orally and in writing.  Students will be expected to create products and solutions, and use higher-level critical thinking skills such as application, analysis, evaluation and creation.  Students will write opinions and with supporting information, and make arguments with sourced and validated information.  Students will demonstrate technical writing as well as many other genres.  

Students will be expected to solve real world, relevant mathematical problems, supporting their answer with rationale and demonstrating their understanding of the mathematical principles necessary to solve the problem.  Students will need to solve multi-step problems using multiple processes.

To be successful, students must be able to comprehend grade level material in science and social studies, and literature, and use their critical thinking and communication skills to make the necessary connections to solve problems presented to them.  The Common Core will require students to read closely, think critically, and write their conclusions, opinions, or arguments with rationale and detail.