District Police

The AVUSD Police department is responsible for the safety and security of over 14,500 students and over 1,500 staff.  Our area of responsibility covers approximately over 200 sq. miles of the High Desert, which includes the area's surrounding in and around the Town of Apple Valley. We are dedicated to the safety and security of our students, staff, District property and visiting patrons. As a specialized law enforcement agency, we are dedicated to providing an ideal learning environment by "Protecting Our Future."  We maintain the Community Oriented Policing philosophy, and we encourage the active participation and input of our school community. 

The main responsibility of the Apple Valley District Police Officer is to provide for the safety and security of students and staff throughout the District. Each Officer is assigned a primary home school; typically a traditional high school campus. They will respond throughout the District to any of the other schools. Officers work closely with site administration and District Safety Officers, on a variety of criminal and non-criminal safety and security concerns. They advise site administration on appropriate security and emergency preparedness response plans to threats of violence. They are First Responders and provide sound advice, guidance and leadership, to School Campus Security, Administrators, Staff, and District Safety Officers.
The department continually works to earn and maintain the public’s trust, through relationship building and partnership development.  Our police officer's respond to calls for service, and incidents that occur within and around the District school grounds, and at school sponsored activities.  Our officer's attend Advanced Officer Training and train along side members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.  The District’s police officers have the same qualifications and training as municipal or county law enforcement officers; however, they are required to have additional training in school policing and campus law.

Apple Valley District Police Officers enforce violations of California Penal Codes and Vehicle Codes, any violations of city, county, state and federal laws, and statutes. Officers are responsible for reporting and investigating crimes, drug and gang intervention, traffic control, and overseeing the protection of school property. In addition to responding to acts of violence, Officers are responsible for proactively facilitating threat assessments for threats of violence.

Our police officer's have become an integral part of the law enforcement community in Apple Valley.   We pride ourselves through professional development and the Community based policing model.  Please get to know our police officer's and reach out to us, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our department or the District.  

Police car with flashing lights

Apple Valley District Police Department
12555 Navajo Road
Apple Valley, CA  92308
Dispatch: (760) 961-0672
Fax: (760) 961-8719